Permanent Makeup
Delicate Cosmetic Tattoos
Lovely red lips, perfectly shaped eyebrows, and flattering eyeliner. Permanent makeup holds the promise you'll work all day, go to the gym, dance all night, and wake up in the morning with makeup in place.
Lash Enhancement160
Upper Eyeliner250
Lower Eyeliner250
Both Upper and Lower Eyeliner350
Full Brow400
Powder Brow400
Powder Brow with Hairstrokes475
Full Lip400
Blended Lip425
Lip Liner375
Previous Work (done somewhere else) Touch Up150 at 2yr, 200 past 2yr


Common Questions

What is permanent makeup?

It is the micro-implantation of coloring pigments into the skin for aesthetic purposes to enhance, contour, and outline facial features. It is also a valuable procedure for camouflaging scars, burns, skin pigmentation variances caused by vitiligo, correcting some facial irregularities, or to further enhance facial rejuvenation and post-operative treatments.

Is permanent makeup similar to tattooing?

It has some of the same qualities, yet it is very different. Only specialists in micro-pigmentation can perform this procedure on the face; tattoo artists cannot. We use techniques, tools, and pigments specifically designed for micro-pigmentation procedures, making it safe, sterile, and painless. Permanent makeup clinicians also use effective topical anesthetics that are not allowed for use by tattoo artists. We use instruments much more delicate in design that provide natural-looking results.

Is permanent makeup a safe procedure?

Our procedures are performed under sterile conditions, using only disposable needle cartridges and with digitally controlled implantation device. There are no long-term side effects; short-term effects may include some redness, swelling, and tenderness. There are no known allergic reactions to pigments.

Is there any discomfort associated with the procedure?

Unlike in tattooing, we use topical anesthetics that are highly effective to be applied to the treated area which significantly reduces discomfort. Typically, patients will report a tickling sensation with little or no discomfort during or after a procedure has been performed.

How long does the procedure take to complete?

The average time required for a procedure is between one to two hours.

What kind of healing time is involved? Is any care required after the procedure?

Some swelling and redness can be expected for 24 hours following the procedure. A cold compress helps to reduce any swelling around the eye area. The treated area must be kept clean. No makeup should be applied for several days. Some skin peeling and lightening of the applied color is normal. If any additional adjustments are desired, these will be made during your follow-up appointment. Regular routines usually can be resumed immediately after the procedure. However, tanning, swimming, or vigorous exercise should be avoided for a few days. Normal healing times is between four to seven days.

Is the procedure guaranteed?

We want our clients to be completely satisfied with the results of their permanent makeup procedures. Therefore, we invite them to return for a complementary follow-up visit 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment and, if need additional treatments within the first 12 months are included.

How long does permanent makeup last?

Gradual fading can be expected for all micro-pigmentation procedures. This varies among people and is dependent on the specific shade used. Most colors last three to five years, although some may not fade for as long as 10 years. Periodic touch-ups are recommended to maintain the desired look. You can also choose to change colors of your permanent makeup. For instance, a nude lip color can be modified to a peachy pink or a brown eyeliner to a black or navy hue.

Is the procedure covered by insurance for restorative procedures?

Depending on your health plan, some procedures are reimbursable (i.e., if a scar is the result of an accident or cancer treatment).

How long should I wait before I can have permanent makeup applied after Botox, injectables, chemical peels or laser treatments?

Generally speaking, we recommend to wait at least one week before we apply any permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, or lip liner/color. It may be necessary to wait a few more weeks after laser resurfacing or chemical peel.

Can I have Botox after my eyebrows are permanently feathered and enhanced?

We recommend to wait a few days to let the eyebrows heal completely before Botox is injected. A brow lift should not significantly alter the shape of a permanent eyebrow.

Should I have my eyes lifted before I get permanent eyeliner? And what happens to my permanent eyeliner when I have a blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)?

The permanent eyeliner is applied directly in between the eyelashes and doesn’t move or change when the eyelid is surgically lifted. Therefore, it doesn’t make any difference whether you have your eyes lifted before or after the permanent eyeliner is applied.

Can I have Restylane or Juvederm injected around my mouth after a permanent lip liner procedure? Will it change the look of my lips?

Restylane or Juvederm can be used to further enhance the fullness of your lips and to diminish the appearance of lines around the mouth. The lip liner will not “run” or feather into the vertical lines around the lips.